Conditions We Treat

Virtual Medical Group is dedicated to providing excellent health care for the 30 conditions below, as well as any unlisted patient complaint that can be adequately addressed through our services.

Healthy Male General Allergies Smoking Cessation
Premature Ejaculation Sinusitis Influenza
Men's Hair Loss Eye Allergies Traveler's Diarrhea
Erectile Dysfunction Rosacea Motion Sickness
Men's Weight Loss Cold Sores GERD
Healthy Female Wrinkle Reduction Irritable Bowel
Birth Control Urinary Tract Infection Menopause
Wrinkle Reduction Eye Allergies Unwanted Facial Hair
Women's Weight Loss Menstrual Cramps PMDD
Yeast Infection Mental Health Referrals  

We believe medication can be an important part of mental health treatment when combined with counseling. VMG is the referral source from a network of 250 mental health counselors from Medical Web counseling. The counselor and physician communicate easily in order to maximize the positive outcomes for the patient.